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here Championing the Muslim voice in mainstream media is a core part of our work. View our record


see url Long term projects to create long term capacity to deliver on long term solutions
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Action our alerts Many of our campaigns depends on people like you taking action. We apply our 10-year campaign expertise to help you tackle Islamophobia. We just need you to act. You can see our past campaign successes here.

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watch All the work we do, does not come for free. We are entirely dependant on public donations. It is only because of our loyal donors that we are able to carry out this work. If only every British Muslim donated just £1/month to us, we would be able to have bigger campaigns, bigger successes and a bigger movement. Donate here if you want to help us build.

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click here Advocacy is very important to us. Any opportunity to speak to Muslims and show them how they can make a difference we want. We have a wealth of experience to share with you all. Whether it’s a speaker, event or workshop, we can help.