We work to expose and counter anti Muslim narrative in mainstream politics & media.


Who are we?


introduction of smoking essay The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK), is a grass roots civil liberties pressure group, setup in 2001 to encourage civil engagement within the Muslim community at all levels in the UK.


follow url Our main objective is to pro-actively work to expose and counter the sinister and toxic anti Muslim narrative that is common in mainstream politics and media.


http://www.musipedia.org/forumly/?faq=4320-what-is-research-papers MPACUK is a not for profit organization, fully dependent on donations from the public and is run entirely by volunteers.

To counter any narratives that directly or indirectly encourages the Opression of Muslims or undermines the importance of Muslim political participation
To ensure that a fair and accurate Muslim narrative is presented in the British Media
To ensure that Muslim institutions are fully accountable to the Muslims they represent
To insure that Muslim institutions and the wider Muslim public understand the immediate need, importance and priority of civil and political engagement in the UK.

Reviving The Fard of Jihad

follow Jihad is to struggle for justice and the good of humanity for the sake of Allah. MPACUK aims to empower Muslims to fulfil this Islamic obligation through non-violent intelligent political action and civic engagement to protect the Ummah.

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cu boulder essays MPACUK opposes the racist political ideology of Zionism and aim to counter the influence of the Zionist lobby.

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Institutional Revival

book review services We stand for a moral revival of our Islamic institutions through following the example of the Prophet (pbuh) who established the mosque as an active centre of the Ummah’s well-being and protection.



http://www.cs.uwyo.edu/~logic/?go=management-case-studies We stand for the Islamic principle of accountability to ensure Muslims have the best leadership that will not sell them out and are capable of elevating the condition of the Muslim communities in the UK and abroad.

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Our History?

http://www.cs.uwyo.edu/~logic/?go=how-to-write-a-how-to-article MPACUK (Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK) started out as a small group of activists in 2001 following the second Palestinian Intifada and we proved through numerous successful campaigns that the power of politics can be harnessed by Muslims to defend our rights and stand up for justice. Our campaigns led to Islamophobic journalists being fired, pro-Israel and anti-Muslim MPs getting voted out, national media outlets issuing apologies and corrections, and confident unapologetic Muslim voices being heard in the mainstream media.

source site Our early work as a campaigning organisation – trying to mobilise a passive and unorganised community – led naturally to our current focus on awakening and activating the wider Muslim community, in order to reach a point where we will have mass political action on a scale capable of tackling the enormous problems facing the Muslims.

go here After over 15 years of conducting this successful work, we are now focused on organising the Muslim community and create greater capacity to demand our equality and justice for others in the world.

What They Say

MPACUK represents a new generation of Muslim activists, with no ties to the social structures of ‘back home’ and even less loyalty to self-serving ‘community leaders’Faisal Bodi - The Guardian
I am impressed by the capable and dedicated young people I have met through MPACUK. I think we need stronger and more determined action to challenge the disaster of UK foreign policy, the erosion of civil liberties and the alienation of the Muslim community. MPACUK has a very important part to playClare Short - MP
MPACUK’s approach is based firstly on the need for Muslim community empowermentDr Anthony McRoy - Author and researcher on Christian-Muslim relations


Any individual can help in a number of ways.

http://www.eoq.org/eoq_network/compare-and-contrast-high-school-and-college-essay-1636.html 1. Join in our campaigns, action alerts or projects that are illustrated on our front page.

lab report writing service 2. Help us get a platform to speak to the local Muslims and empower them with our powerful presentations.

engagement essay 3. Donate to us one-off or a monthly basis. Even just £1/month can make a big difference to our work.

MPACUK is a staunchly non-sectarian organisation. We believe that Muslims are too busy arguing over sectarian issues, rather than challenging the issues that threaten the Muslim communities as a whole. We work together with Muslims from all sects and all walks of life for the common goal of defending Muslim rights and upholding justice.
In short, we want Muslims to prioritise tackling oppression that Muslims face as Islam teaches them to do so.

http://www.cs.uwyo.edu/~logic/?go=cheap-paper-writing-service Muslims are victims of a narrative that destroys their identity, confidence and pacifies the community to such an extent that they are unable to liberate themselves from the conditions that they find themselves in.

nursing school essay sample MPACUK teaches Muslims their real narrative which liberates their minds and injects confidence within the community, ensuring an organised and active community willing to challenge the oppression that they find themselves under.

MPACUK has had a great deal of successes in combating Islamophobia in the UK.

source site We created the first Muslim response unit in the UK. We have been instrumental in putting women’s rights in the mosque a central facet of their agendas. We were also the first organisation to remove Islamophobic MPs by utilising the Muslim bloc vote. More of our past successes can be read about via the link below.

custom essay online a+ Whilst, we still do campaigning, we have more focus on educating and building the necessary infrastructure for Muslims to feel empowered to stand up themselves.

click You can see our successes here.

Download our detailed rebuttal against a political smear campaign against mpacuk.