Black Muslim Heroes – Shaykh Usman dan Fodio

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go to link Black History Month takes place in October in the UK. However, we’re often given a sanitised version of Black history. And it rarely mentions great Black Muslims – which is why we are publishing a list of great Black Muslim men and women that have left their mark on history. We present to you one of the most influential Muslim scholars and leaders ever, Shaykh Usman dan Fodio.

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problem solving using computer Shaykh Usman dan Fodio was born in the city-state of Gobir (in modern-day Nigeria) in 1754. He grew up to become an esteemed scholar who people often turned to for guidance in religious and political matters.

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follow url After the Fulani Jihad (1804-1808), he founded the Sokoto Caliphate which grew to become of the most organised and biggest caliphates of its time.

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