MPACUK Success! Public Pressure and Loss of More Sponsors Forces Mount Cricket Club To Cancel Match in Israel

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go to site Mount Cricket Club have finally apologised for their proposed match against an Israeli cricket team and given assurances that nothing like this will happen in the future.

education essay example The club’s statement was released late last night, and came off the back of sustained public pressure and 4 different sponsors abruptly ending their longstanding relationship with the cricket club (the sponsors are Kick Off Dewsbury, Frankie’s Burgers, ACAS Electrical Ltd, and Elegant Curtains & Blinds).

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get link The club had been haemorrhaging support and sponsors because their initial statement after our campaign was vague and tried to brush the concerns of the wider community under the carpet.

full thesis paper The previous statement only spoke of “postponing” the trip, and had not given any assurances if any future trip would include a match in Israel. The club has now apologised profusely for their actions and their subsequent poor handling of the situation as people held them to account.


essay teacher qualities MPACUK would like to thank everyone that actioned our alert and the 4 sponsors of the club that took such an ethical stance in this matter.

customer service essay questions This goes to show once more that political campaigning works and has an impact – this will be a lesson to other clubs around the country that if they try to normalise relations with Israel then we will put pressure on them. follow site MPACUK has a long history of campaign successes around the country on issues that matter to Muslim communities – if you would like to support us in our work then please consider donating so we can run more workshops and campaigns.

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